HavaWeb.com and PenguinWebHosting.com are merging

We welcome all the HavaWeb.com customers to PenguinWebHosting.com.If you received access information from us your web site / VPS / Dedicated Servers have successfully been moved into our data center in Las Vegas.DNS Servers:We urge all the clients to update the DNS Servers to:ns.securednshost.comns1.securednshost.comClient Area:Your Login ... Read More »

25th Jul 2021
HostingFactor.com and PenguinWebHosting.com are merging

We welcome all the HostingFactor.com customers to PenguinWebHosting.com.Nothing changes for the HostingFactor.com customers. All access information, servers and pricing are staying the same.If you have any questions please open a support ticket in the client area with us, we will be happy to assist you.best regards,PenguinWebhosting Team Read More »

27th Jun 2021
Shared Server Upgrades

We are currently working on the upgrade of our shared servers. We are proud to announce the following new features available to all of our shared server after the upgrade: JetBackup :: All customers now have access to our incremental backup in the /cpanel account. Customers can restore individual files, Databases, email accounts or the entire ... Read More »

4th Apr 2021
MariaDB on all servers upgraded

We are happy to announce the completion of the MariaDB upgrade to the newest version MariaDB 10.3.25-MariaDB new Features: Numerous performance improvements for high-concurrency load and performance data structures. Scalability and performance improvements to global data structures. The Information Schema uses much less memory when you ... Read More »

9th Oct 2020
Welcome to the new Penguin Enterprises Billing and Support Center

Penguin Enterprises has launched a new Billing and Support Center so you can more easily manager your account and receive support.

This is the new support center for all CHIhost.com, PenguinWebHosting.com, AdvancedNetworkHosts.com and PenguinCloud.com brands.

For more info on Penguin Enterprises Corp.  Click Here.

16th Apr 2020